Benefits of Volunteering

Recognition from the local bar and from the Colorado Supreme Court!

“The Colorado Supreme Court recognizes on its web page and through The Colorado Lawyer those law firms, solo practitioners, and in house counsel groups who inform the court of their voluntary commitment to achieving the goal of 50 hours of pro bono legal services per year by Colorado licensed attorneys primarily for indigent persons and/or organizations that serve indigent persons, pro-rated for part time attorneys. This commitment includes valuing at least 50 pro bono hours per year per attorney for all purposes of attorney evaluation, advancement, and compensation as the firm would value compensated client representation.”-From a release from the Colorado Supreme Court and the Colorado Bar Association. CLick here to see the full release.

See the law firms and pro bono attorneys that got recognized by the Colorado Supreme Court here!

CLE credit!

For every five billable equivalent hours on a qualified pro bono case, a pro bono attorney can recieve one general CLE unit, not to exceed a total of nine general CLE units in a three year period.

YOU make a difference in a person’s life!

With families struggling to make ends meet a pro bono attorney can help in the most important ways. Whether it’s helping someone defend an illegal eviction or helping a domestic violence victim through a divorce, pro bono attorneys are invaluable.

Ready to volunteer? If you are an attorney in our area and are interested in joining SWBVLA we would love to have you! Just fill out a simple form online at the Colorado Pro Bono website (Click Here) and someone from our program will be in contact with you.


Southwest Bar Volunteer Legal Aid would like to thank Megan Tuthill ( for providing her excellent skills as a graphic designer and creating the wonderful logo for the SWBVLA recyclable grocery bags! If you are a pro bono attorney and have not received one yet, but would like to, (or if you just love them and want another) please don’t hesitate to contact me. Kyla Norcross – (970) 385-7378.